World Standard Day: Less Waste, Better Results – Standards Increase Efficiency

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Fri, 12 Oct 2012 07:38:00 GMT

On Sunday, October 14, is “World Standard Day” in honor of the many norms and standards that are available today. It is not that easy to orient oneself in the jungle of all those DINs, ISOs, IECs and ITUs. Even if one has decided to implement one (or more) of the standards, it is often a long and hard battle before all requirements are fulfilled within the company.

The motto of this year´s World Standard Day is “less waste, better results – standards increase efficiency”: this may be true but not until one has received the highly desired certificate. This is however a desirable goal because such a certificate provides companies with numerous advantages. Regarding IT security it is the ISO standard 27001 in particular, which attests that a company is reliable and careful when handling company data in terms of IT. That this does not only hold true for large enterprises, is shown in the article “Information security becomes a KMU [SME] topic.” Also in terms of cloud computing, the ISO standard 27001 is an important certificate for cloud service providers that want to “prove” the security and protection of customer data. 

Those who wants to know more about the ISO standard 27001 will find more information in our article regarding “The ISO Standard 27001 Recommends Encrypted Data Communication: HOB Software Solutions Are the Perfect Companion” or at, e.g., TÜV SÜD

Important: Please note that not all articles referenced are in English language.

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