Why Coffee Junkies Benefit from Mobile Workplaces

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Fri, 28 Sep 2012 07:12:00 GMT

On the occasion of the 7th German Coffee Day on September 28th, we have considered some facts about coffee. At last, 75% of the German population drinks coffee on a daily basis, adding up to more than 150 liters of coffee per year per head, on average – this is at least the result of the Aral Coffee Research Study 2012. 

Coffee is a highly popular drink in the office, too: to wake up, to increase concentration, during meetings or a coffee break.

But, who does not know this problem? One´s way to the coffee kitchen is not always successful. At best, one meets the undesired colleague that directly starts chatting (and one needs to dump him quickly). In the worst case, all the coffee is GONE! This is always the case when one is very busy! It´s a daily routine – at least in those offices which have not yet replaced the thermos by highly modern, fully automated coffee (pad) machines that produce coffee “just-in-time”.

You may be wondering what the relationship is between an employee´s need for coffee and mobile workplaces.

This is very easy! In the office, one can often find real fights for the last cup of coffee (the next one needs to make a new pot). To quench one´s thirst for coffee is far easier when working from home. There is one coffee machine just for oneself – and favorite kinds of coffee, too. And if not, one can work from a Starbucks coffee shop, as well, since there is free WLAN. But also during business travels, there is (almost) always a motorway restaurant that can ensure a constant supply of coffee – without the need to fight for it as if there would be no tomorrow.

Thanks to high available WLAN and modern IT – where would we be without notebook, smartphone and co.? – one can flexibly choose one´s workplace (if the employer is fine with it). With modern solutions for secure remote access, like, HOB RD VPN or HOBLink Mobile, IT administrators need not worry about a coffee-drinking employee working from anywhere. The nice side effect: There is more coffee left for the IT administrator on site. 

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