Criminals are Using the Olympic Summer Games to Obtain Sensitive Data

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 07 Aug 2012 10:53:00 GMT


Summer Olympics in London: Amazing times – not only for sport fans. Criminals are also making use of this great event to obtain the personal data of innocent citizens. If companies allow their employees to surf privately at the workplace, sensitive company data are quickly put in danger. 

We will show you what visitors in London as well as people remaining at home should be looking out for.

On location in London:

Loss or theft of the smart phone

It happens very fast in the commotion of the celebration: Your smart phone is gone! It doesn’t matter whether it was stolen or lost. If you stored sensitive information, either private or from work, on your smart phone, it can happen that it ends up in the wrong hands in no time. Thus, it is better never to store any sensitive data on your smart phone and to secure it with a PIN. 

Just checking e-mail over the free WLAN

Right on time for the Olympic Games, the network provider O2 provides the biggest, and free, WLAN Zone. But also hotels and bars provide their guests with free WLAN access points as an additional service. Here, everybody should be aware: As a rule, information sent over the internet is unencrypted. That means: If you take no special security measures, it is easy for criminals to eavesdrop or intercept your data, like the password to your mail account or your online banking account. With an App that reliably encrypts all data with SSL (like HOBLink Mobile) you are on the right track. 

At home:

Following the game “live” over the web

A very comfortable thing to do: watching the Olympic Games via live stream over the web – at the lake or while having a barbeque in the garden. But here, too, caution is called for. Criminals can manipulate the links to the live stream websites or can link to fake live stream pages (free offer!). Whoever falls for the trick will get a lot of malware on his or her device in no time. Here, it is better to use live streams from reliable providers (TV channels, radio stations, etc.).

Spam, Trojan horse & phishing related to Olympia 2012

Criminals jump on the Olympic train and sent out e-mails containing malicious code or luring you to manipulated websites. The subject always refers to the Olympics, e.g., a prize notification for Olympic tickets. Whoever clicks on the mail may already have infected his or her computer. Therefore, everyone should carefully consider whether or not the e-mail is real. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep your virus scanner up-to date.



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