Risks in Mobile Work Stations? That doesn’t have to be, as the following study proves!

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 17 Jul 2012 07:35:00 GMT

The magazine CIO reports in their online-article “The Risks due to Telecommuting, WLAN & Co.”  that, according to a study commissioned by Sophos, 75% of employees responsible for IT in companies with up to 500 workers have security concerns as regards telecommuting.

The following challenges are at the top of the list of IT-responsible employees:

·         Troubleshooting

·         Management or device connections

·         Rollouts of uniform security policies in all branch offices

·         Management of used devices

·         Guaranteed data encryption

·         Setup and configuration of substations

·         Securing the connection to a central infrastructure

We are of the opinion that these “challenges “can be easily overcome with the right software solution (for example with the remote access suite HOB RD VPN). Can’t believe it? Then see for yourself!


Troubleshooting has many dimensions. The classical problems when it comes to telecommuting: locally installed, company specific applications on a notebook (e.g., the local CRM database) will not work, or the whole notebook is just trashed. In either case you have to react quickly, since every loss of working hours costs a massive amount of money and is clearly not efficient. In the meantime, there are many remote access solutions that enable remote maintenance. Such solutions, however, have two downsides: On the one hand, the pc has to be started to be able to connect with the internet, and on the other hand an employee has to be at the office to support the IT admin. If the first-aid attempt fails, the notebook has to be mailed to the company’s headquarters to be repaired – so for the following few days, without all the important data and applications, to work productively is not really possible.

HOB RD VPN simplifies this issue by far. Let’s go back to the scenario described above: It is just not possible that locally installed applications pose problems! With HOB RD VPN, all data and even applications are stored centrally on the servers at the headquarters. If any problem comes up, the IT specialist can take care of it right away and effectively. At the employee’s mobile work station, there only has to be a working internet connection. However, even if the notebook itself is the troubled device, the situation can be handled quite free of stress due to HOB RD VPN. HOB RD VPN does not need administration rights on the client-side and moreover, no installations. For a remote access, a Java-capable browser is all you need – which means, an employee can just switch to using a private device (desktop, notebook, tablet etc.) for the access to all his data and applications. Data security is also not a problem, since when using HOB RD VPN no data are stored on the end device. Alternatively, the company can send – for example via currier – a replacement device to the employee, or they can just go shopping for one. All in all, this enables a minimal loss of productivity. To be able to pick up work soon, neither programs have to be installed nor has any data to be uploaded. Quite easy!

Management of Device Connections

With HOB RD VPN, the “management of device connections” turns into a “management of internet connections.” Why? Well, in former times, IPsec solutions had been used for remote access and – even nowadays – have a reputation that they will only “function with some reservations.”  At that point, it was and still is hard to manage device connections. Anytime remote access was needed it felt more like gambling whether the installed client would work (or rather not). HOB RD VPN uses the internet as well as an SSL encryption for remote access. Therefore, only one available internet connection needs to be “managed.”

Execution of Uniform Security Policies in all Branch Offices

This is quite easy with HOB RD VPN: You can centrally define which items each single employee may access. HOB RD VPN offers the option to assign roles as well as rights granularly. Thanks to multi-client tenancy, even the individual branch offices can access the areas assigned to them. Thus, all security regulations can be implemented centrally for all branch offices with only a few clicks.

Management of Used Devices

With HOB RD VPN all necessary updates (e.g., programs or anti-virus software) can be installed centrally and are available for the mobile worker in a matter of seconds – since they are only accessing the applications remotely. What simplifies these issues even more: When remotely accessing data and applications with HOB RD VPN, no data will be stored on the end device at any time.  Result: There will be no unwanted data loss if the device is stolen or lost. Hence, you don’t have to waste any time even thinking about remote-wipe options. Due to the integrated “Anti-Split-Tunneling“ function, it can be prevented that the employee starts a second, non-encrypted connection to the internet while they are still connected to the headquarters via HOB RD VPN. Together with the optional “Compliance Check“ (which tests the device on defined guidelines, e.g., topicality of the installed virus-scan, and only allows for access if the guidelines are fulfilled), HOB RD VPN provides the utmost security for centrally stored company data.

Since HOB RD VPN is also compatible with various devices and systems, even “mixed environments” and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) pose no insurmountable hurdles for an efficient implementation or administration.

Guarantee of Data Encryption

HOB RD VPN transfers data always and only SSL-encrypted. On the access device (client), there is no possibility to bypass this method of encryption or to deactivate it.

Establishing and Configuring Substations

Substations can easily be set up and configured at the headquarters. At the substation itself, no installation is needed. Users can access the centrally stored company data and applications via their Java-capable browser. With the help of the multi-tenant capable solution HOB RD VPN with its integrated “role and rights concept,” you can allow the individual branch offices (and employees at the site) to access only the relevant data/applications they need. 

Guaranteeing the Connection to the Central Infrastructure

For a remote access with HOB RD VPN, any desired internet browser (with Java), as well as an internet connection, are needed. Problems such as occurred with (earlier versions of) IPsec solutions therefore cannot happen.  And, nowadays, the internet itself is available (nearly) always and everywhere. Therefore, the connection to the central infrastructure is guaranteed pretty easily.



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