Today is World Environment Day: Even IT Can Contribute a Great Deal to Environmental Protection

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 26 Jun 2012 07:24:00 GMT

Since 1972, the 5th of June is internationally known as World Environment Day. 2012 this day has the declared motto “Together towards a better Energy Future.” 

Not only environmentally friendly production of energy plays a role, but also the effective and economical use thereof. Even the IT sector can contribute to these issues. Numerous concepts can be found under the keyword “Green IT“: beginning with efficiently designed computer centers, up to various thin client concepts.

Moreover, even “soft” approaches like mobile/flexible work stations, home offices and cloud computing as well as new solutions in the area of business communication, need to be thought about as regards the efficient use of energy. If you do not have to be physically present at the office from time to time, there will be less environmental pollution due to transportation (cars, etc.). Additionally, new possibilities are constantly arising as the decades since the invention of the World Environment Day pass by. For example, participants of conferences no longer have to take travel to the conference location – thanks to VoIP and video.  The prerequisite for this is a flexible and reliable remote access software, enabling secure access to centrally stored data and applications, from anywhere and anytime with any device.  Keep one thing in mind: not only does the environment need to be protected, but also your data!


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