Today is Start of Summer! Relocating the Office to Outdoor Places with Remote Access Solutions

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Thu, 21 Jun 2012 11:54:00 GMT


June 21, 2012: Summer starts! Days are longest now and the weather forecast for the next days promises nice weather. Perfectly suited to shift the workplace outdoors for some hours, no matter if it is the park, an ice-cream parlor or the own balcony. With remote access solutions, this is really easy. Simply take your notebook and be off to the sun!

Modern remote access solutions cater for access to centrally stored company data, anytime and, above all, from anywhere. Thereby, data are always transmitted in an encrypted form (most of the time using SSL). Thus, data are well guarded against illegal reading along or other methods of unwanted trapping. HOB´s solution, HOB RD VPN, offers further advantages. For example, there is no need for an installation or administration rights on client side. The employee may use a notebook to open a web browser, log-in with his credentials and remotely work right away.

Are you already outdoors?

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