Industrial Espionage? Protect your Company Data!

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Fri, 15 Jun 2012 09:14:00 GMT


Industrial espionage just happens to others? Your own company will never be an attack victim? This point of view could become dangerous – just as a current study from Corporate Trust (only in German) proves. It happens to more companies than you might think. Tendency? Rising!

The new study shows: In Germany cases of espionage rose by 2.5% in the last 5 years. All in all, 21.4% of the questioned companies were victims of unwanted data loss due to industrial espionage. And believe it or not, it often affects the medium-sized businesses. Plus, the damage caused is enormous. In Germany alone, the cost of the resultant damage averages at about 4 billion USD. However, the study also shows that the attacker is not always an external delinquent. In almost half of the felonies, the company’s own employees are either causing the unwanted data loss or aiding it (Source: Corporate Trust - Business Risk & Crisis Management GmbH; Industriespionage 2012).

Therefore it is extremely important for companies – no matter which size – to secure their sensitive company data. Always remember: A company’s knowledge is, next to its employees, the most valuable treasure of a business and determines crucial competitive advantages.

By storing company data and applications centrally, e.g., using a private cloud, one can store data with great efficiency and greater control. This way, it is possible to notice very quickly if there is evidence of unwanted data leakage, and to react accordingly. Not only the data storage should take place centrally and securely, but also the access of employees, partners or customers to this data needs to be regulated and secured. Today and in the future, where we increasingly will be accessing data via various mobile devices – even private ones (“Bring Your Own Device“) – a reliable and secure remote access solution should be mandatory. Such a solution, for example, HOB RD VPN, allows you to access centrally stored data and applications anytime and from anywhere, with any desired device: You will have the flexibility needed to adapt to upcoming situations and problems as quickly as possible on your way to outpacing the competition.

For your business success!


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