Flexibility at Work? - but with a Plan!

Posted by Sabrina Sturm Tue, 22 May 2012 09:39:00 GMT

Mobile working stations, meaning working wherever, whenever and however you want to work, are the new trend. Not only employees are happy about it, but also companies are thinking more and more about this concept. Both sides see great possibilities and advantages – very personal ones, of course. And you really can get a win-win-situation out of the mobile working stations. However, some aspects should be kept in mind, so that the concept will not fail. 

Mobile Working Stations as a Plus for Companies: Save Costs, Enhance Efficiency, Increase Productivity 

Companies strongly believe in achieving greater efficiency in company processes, lower costs and, due to the freedom of choice regarding when and where to work, better motivated employees. If every employee can access company data anytime and anywhere, one can definitely experience an increase in productivity: Pointless waiting times can now be used effectively (e.g., at the airport), e-mails can be checked and answered even when one is on the road, and the live access of company data while being at a customer’s does not only make the boss happy. Your customer will be impressed, too! 

The technological requirements have been available for a long time already: central storage of company data and applications all together with a secure remote access. This can go smoothly using a private cloud, for example. But also other approaches, e.g., server-based computing, meet the requirements. Using a VPN connection, the employees can securely and flexibly access data –anywhere and anytime. Solutions like HOB RD VPN on an SSL basis offer the needed flexibility and even provide a lot more valuable functionalities for the company. Your employees just need the right equipment (laptop or smartphone, for example) – and the mobile working station is ready to go. If your employee even uses their own device for working purposes (BYOD), the costs for hardware can be reduced as well! 

An Employee’s View on Mobile Working Stations: More Self-Contained Freedom, Greater Flexibility and Less Controlling

From an employee’s view, mobile working stations definitely have their appeal: If you don’t have to sit at your desk in the office to work, flexibility increases and your personal freedom is greatly improved. Many people might feel like there is less “surveillance” from the boss, even if this is not really true. The work still has to get done. But with greater flexibility, employees can plan their work schedule as they please and work on their own authority. A 9 to 5 job at the office? It doesn’t’ have to be like that anymore! Therefore, a mobile working station will allow for establishing a much better work-life balance. Additionally, it is now possible to answer colleagues’ questions, even while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist’s. Moreover, even a customer’s wishes can be fulfilled right at the moment – and such a fast reaction is pretty good for customer satisfaction, which, in turn, leaves the employee with a good feeling, too.

Conclusion: Two Times “Yes” and one Time “But”

Employees are able to work more flexibly and independently, do not feel as if they are being spied on all the time and are more motivated. Therefore, mobile working stations can be a good thing. So the estimation is on hand that, sooner or later, mobile working stations will be “working” their way into companies and businesses. This is important in times like these, as the strict division of private and work life is dissolving. And this is a requirement in today’s working situation, since in the global market, flexibility and short reaction times are a must – if you want to be successful as an enterprise. 

What about the “But“? Mobile working can have its downsides – physical and psychical - too, at least if it is the only way your employees work. Employees should not lose out and, after the first experimental stage, should not have to ask themselves what went wrong. It would be better to first read the article “Prävention für mobile Mitarbeiter – 10 Tipps fürs Selbstmanagement“ by Andrea Koenig. The article will show you additional hints on how to make a success out of mobile working stations for both sides possible!

Find it here! (Only available in German).


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