Title: HOB Takes a Bite out of the Big Peach During the Microsoft Ignite Conference

Posted by Stefanie Kober Thu, 22 Sep 2016 08:30:00 GMT

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference is just around the corner and we at HOB could not be more excited to attend! We offer the best solutions for your security needs, which our status as a Microsoft Cooperation Partner firmly demonstrates.

Hosted at the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) in Atlanta, GA, from Sept. 26 - 30, Microsoft Ignite promises to deliver an exciting agenda covering everything from cloud computing, infrastructure, mobile devices in the workplace, and more. We look forward to attending this event that will feature a spectrum of enterprise solutions all under one roof – including our industry leading remote access solutions.

Many of our solutions have Windows users in mind including HOB RD VPN, which enables secure and remote access to files whether they’re stored on a Windows terminal server or virtualized Windows system. HOB RD VPN helps enterprises protect their data, while providing employees the flexibility to access it anytime, from almost anywhere. HOBLink DASH, a part of the HOB RD VPN, allows users to upload and download documents and files with a PC, laptop or mobile device. Independent from any data sharing providers, users can be assured their data is transferred securely with this service. Similar to services like Dropbox, HOBLink Dash automatically transfers data between different devices with no intrusion of a third party service.

In addition to HOB RD VPN and HOBLink DASH, HOB will be presenting a multitude of RDP solutions including:

•    HOBLink WebTerm RDP the fast and reliable HTML 5 RDP client
•    HOBLink JWT the platform independent RDP client
•    HOBLink iWT the RDP client for iPad
•    HOB RD Selector for optimized Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection access
•    HOB MacGate for remote access to Mac machines
•    HOB X11Gate for remote access to Linux/Unix servers and systems

We continue to grow and strengthen our understanding of the Microsoft platform to deliver a better experience to you, our users.

Please make sure to stop by booth #2178, where we will be demonstrating our products and solutions including HOB RD VPN, HOBLink DASH and our RDP solutions. Hope to see you in Atlanta!

More information on our products is available on www.hobsoft.com.


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HOB Wins Big at Golden Bridge Awards

Posted by Stefanie Kober Tue, 09 Aug 2016 06:31:00 GMT

This summer is on track to be a winning one for HOB. Our hard work enabling secure connectivity for businesses continues to pay off with additional industry recognition from the Golden Bridge Awards!

An annual industry and peer recognition program, the Golden Bridge Awards were established to honor and recognize leaders in various industries around the world. Our flagship product, HOB Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network (HOB RD VPN) continues to be distinguished as an industry leader, taking home gold in the VPN/IPsec/SSL category and silver in the Remote Access Solution and Security Software (New or Upgrade Version) categories.

A comprehensive secure remote access solution, HOB RD VPN requires no client-side installation or administration rights to access enterprise data over the internet. Users are able to securely and easily connect and access important work files via a web browser. By using HOB RD VPN, companies can decrease costs and administration efforts, increase productivity and enhance IT security.

We are extremely proud to receive industry recognition once again from the Golden Bridge Awards.  As cyber security continues to be a point of concern for many enterprises, we will continue to provide market-leading solutions that will enable organizations to protect their assets. Visit our website to learn more about HOB RD VPN and the many other software solutions we provide.

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HOB Wins Gold from IT World Awards

Posted by Stefanie Kober Tue, 12 Jul 2016 06:29:00 GMT

We are proud to provide IT security leaders with market-leading solutions that help protect their enterprises from harmful cyber activity. And our hard work has paid off! We are thrilled to have recently received industry recognition from Network Product Guide’s IT World Awards.

Now in its eleventh year, the IT World Awards honors the top achievements in every area of information technology. HOB took home the gold award in the Most Innovative IT Software Solutions category for our flagship product, HOB Remote Desktop Virtual Private Network (HOB RD VPN). HOB RD VPN also won bronze in the Security Software category. HOBLink Mobile, the mobile app for secure remote access to MS Exchange servers, won bronze in the BYOD category.

HOB RD VPN is a comprehensive secure remote access suite that requires no client-side installation or administration rights to access enterprise data over the internet; by simply using a web browser, users are able to securely connect and access needed work files. Similarly, HOBLink Mobile allows users to securely access work data on their mobile device, without ever having to actually download the data to their phones. This means there’s no chance of important or even confidential corporate information being stolen if the device is ever misplaced.

We are humbled to receive recognition as one of the best providers of IT security from the IT World Awards. For more information about HOB RD VPN, HOBLink Mobile, or any other software and services we provide, please visit our website.

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Why IT Security Remains Critical for Enterprise Leaders in 2016

Posted by Stefanie Kober Fri, 17 Jun 2016 06:56:00 GMT

It’s critical for enterprise leaders and CISOs to be aware of the latest cybersecurity issues and best practices. As a leader in IT security solutions intended to help enterprises protect their networks, data and employees, it is HOB’s belief that creating awareness is an important first step in the fight against cybercrime.

Today, we’re proud to present you our latest infographic “Why IT Security Remains Critical for Enterprise Leaders in 2016.”.


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HOB at Interop Las Vegas 2016

Posted by Stefanie Kober Mon, 02 May 2016 12:57:00 GMT

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but next week at Interop 2016 this will not be the case for enterprises. Alongside the best and brightest minds in the IT world, HOB will showcase its enhanced secure remote access solutions at the annual network technology conference, May 4-5, held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. As Interop celebrates 30 years of innovation this year, HOB is excited to demonstrate the value of IT Made in Germany to a global audience.

Center stage at HOB’s booth will be our suite of award-winning solutions, including our flagship product HOB RD VPN, as well as HOBLink JWT . With HOB’s comprehensive array of security solutions, enterprises don’t have to gamble with security when seeking much-needed flexibility. Our solutions empower enterprises with the capability of secure remote network access and concomitant flexibility to increase productivity and employee satisfaction in today’s evolving work environment.

Another star that studs our solutions is their certification according to Common Criteria EAL 4+ standards, achieving the highest international standard of security possible.

Here are some of the updates you can expect from HOB at Interop this year:

HOB recently released HOBLink JWT 4.1, the latest upgrade to our Java RDP client. HOBLink JWT 4.1 enables connections to gateways of all leading manufacturers, to RDP targets, including Windows Terminal Server, and to VNC server systems and virtual desktops. HOBLink JWT 4.1 stands out from other solutions due to its exceptional business functions such as: full monitor support for up to 16 monitors, VMware Horizon View compatibility, Automatic Java WebStart support and Microsoft RD-Gateway support. HOBLink JWT 4.1 has been successfully tested and deployed as a Plug-in for Cisco ASA, F5 Big-IP APM and Pulse Secure PSA and MAG Series.

HOB’s flagship product, HOB RD VPN, recently achieved a record number of parallel RDP user sessions: 100,000, to be exact! This means that 100,000 sessions can run simultaneously without any adverse effect on performance with only one installation of the software on a single server!

At HOB we know that enterprise security needs are constantly evolving, and as such, we frequently upgrade our products to ensure they fit the needs of today’s corporations.

We will be exhibiting at Interop, booth 747. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth!

More information on our products is available on www.hobsoft.com.


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Update: Why the HOB WebSecureProxy is better than the Apache Web Server

Posted by Stefanie Kober Wed, 03 Feb 2016 10:46:00 GMT

Apache web server

Our CEO, Klaus Brandstätter, explains in detail how the HOB Web Secure Proxy functions and how it differs from the architecture of the Apache Web Server. While the Apache Web Server (httpd) was designed to only manage short-living half-duplex Web transactions, the HOB WebSecureProxy is capable of handling long-living full-duplex VPN connections.

Want to know more? The newly updated version of Mr. Brandstätter’s essay is available for free on our website: Comparison of the HOB WebSecureProxy and the Apache Web Server


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BYOD Security Concerns and Solutions

Posted by Stefanie Kober Fri, 29 Jan 2016 07:40:00 GMT

mobile Smartphone cybercrime
Enterprises and employees alike are realizing the benefits of BYOD (bring your own device) workplaces, such as cost effectiveness and convenience. However, as this phenomenon grows in popularity, there are many things that IT teams must keep in mind in order to keep business data safe, especially when it comes to security on mobile devices.

The Risks

The risks of BYOD workplaces include everything from mobile malware, to data breaches due to lost or stolen phones, to wireless man-in-the-middle attacks, to data exfiltration from the inside. Across the globe, thieves steal nearly 3.1million smartphones annually, making mobile device theft a top of mind issue for enterprises with BYOD policies. Even if simply misplaced, not stolen, an additional statistic augments this enterprise concern. According to an experiment conducted by Symantec, 96% of people who encounter a lost phone will attempt to access sensitive information on that phone, such as e-mail or various passwords.

The Answer

If sensitive information is never stored on a mobile device, it can’t be stolen from one. Enter HOBLink Mobile, the software solution that allows workers to securely access Microsoft Exchange servers for business purposes (e-mails, calendar, notes and contacts) on the go, from any smartphone. Employing a proprietary SSL module that encrypts data in transmission, HOBLink Mobile is the ideal security solution for BYOD workplaces. With this solution, employers need not worry about sensitive information falling in to the wrong hands if an employee misplaces a mobile device, or has his or her device stolen, because the information is never stored on the device.

If your workplace has BYOD policies, consider implementing a solution like HOBLink Mobile. Start by reading more on our website.

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Cybersecurity in 2016

Posted by Stefanie Kober Thu, 14 Jan 2016 10:54:00 GMT

As technology continues to evolve and becomes an even more integrated part of our daily lives, it has also ushered in an increase in cyber risks and attacks – and their severity. In the last few years companies spanning industries from retail to government have fallen victim to attacks on their systems, resulting in unfavorable circumstances and often costing millions of dollars.

Following up a year full of cyberattacks, it’s important for businesses to evaluate their cybersecurity efforts and be prepared for both IT security challenges and opportunities in the upcoming year. Outlined below are key trends expected in 2016.

IT security budgets will grow
Although companies are now aware of cybersecurity threats and have worked to make data and network protection a top business priority, many lack the funds to appropriately carry out the best IT security practices. In 2016, this will change. A recent survey found that 81 percent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) polled plan on increasing cybersecurity spending in the next year by an average of 22 percent. SMBs aren’t alone in wanting to improve their cybersecurity efforts. In his 2016 budget, President Obama proposed allocating $14 billion on cybersecurity spending – an 11 percent increase from the previous year.

Ransomware threats will likely increase
In terms of cybercrime, ransomware is a relatively newer threat, but experts expect it to become more prominent – with worse consequences – in 2016. Ransomware refers to attacks where cybercriminals take control of a company’s data and require them to pay a ransom before giving the data back. An FBI report from January 2015 affirmed that ransomware attacks were already on the rise from previous years. Although typically used as a tactic for minor offenses against small businesses, this scheme is expected to escalate to new heights in 2016, encompassing enterprise ransomware for the first time.

New and connected devices will increase system risks, complexity
Technology is already developing at such a rapid pace that it is often difficult to foresee some of its drawbacks. The rise and implementation of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have already blurred the lines between devices intended for personal and professional use, causing difficulties ensuring that company data is accessed via secure networks. As our devices, data, and world become more interconnected through cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), the surface area where cybercriminals are able to attack increases, leaving business data more vulnerable.

What can you do?
To make sure your company doesn’t fall victim to increased cyber risks next year, enlist software solutions that will help keep your data, your network, and your company safe. HOB offers a plethora of IT security tools designed to offer enterprises the best security solutions without compromising data access or flexibility. To find out which solution is right for your business, contact us or check out our products page.

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The Fiscal Benefits of Secure Remote Access Solutions

Posted by Stefanie Kober Mon, 14 Dec 2015 09:19:00 GMT

Two IT experts and coauthors of the book, When IT Fails: The Novel, calculated the global impact of IT failure as being $3 trillion annually. When poorly executed, IT measures can be costly, but with the correct solutions, IT can aid in saving businesses money. For businesses using secure remote access solutions, the financial benefits abound for all parties involved, not just for C-level executives.
Here’s how everyone saves with secure remote access:

In the U.S. alone, 10.8 million people commute more than an hour each way to work, according to the Census Bureau. In lieu of losing thousands of dollars a year on public transportation, gas, tolls and maybe even stress reducing measures because of their tiresome commutes, employees can work from home to save money and sanity. The ability to work from wherever, whenever, as provided by secure remote access solutions, also bolsters employee productivity, which benefits the business as a whole.

“The ability to work from home once a week saves me close to $7,000 annually,” says Victoria Levy, San Francisco tech industry employee. “I’m also more productive when I’m at home because I have less distractions than when I’m in the office.”

Rolling out software can be quite an expensive feat for administration. Secure remote access solutions like ours are administered centrally, eliminating the need for a time-consuming rollout process. An easier rollout process for administration means drastic cost reduction for executives. Straightforward and easy to implement software solutions like those offered by HOB enable executives to hire fewer administrators. As many employees may opt to work from remote locations with this software, executives can also benefit by reducing the office space and office supplies needed for a brimming office. For executives with the bottom line in mind, cutting company expenditures is key. Secure remote access is a surefire way to reduce IT costs. Secure software solutions like ours eliminate the need for expensive hardware and work with all existing IT infrastructure, so that executives won’t lose their existing IT investments. As our software is highly scalable, executives don’t have to invest in additional hardware and can instead simply buy less expensive licenses to update the software when signing on more employees.

Entire Company

A recent Ponemon study revealed that the cost of a data breach for a company has increased by 23% in the last year. With this cost rising, companies need to implement secure VPN solutions to protect data and networks, preventing the climbing costs associated with breaches.

For employees and executives alike interested in pinching a penny, HOB has a secure remote access solution to help you save. Your wallet and your employees will thank you.

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HOB Wins Industry Gold – Again!

Posted by Stefanie Kober Mon, 23 Nov 2015 08:15:00 GMT

At HOB, we create IT security solutions that help enterprises protect their networks, their data and their employees. We pride ourselves in developing the best solutions possible and have recently received recognition for our work from the Golden Bridge Awards.

Now in their seventh year, the Golden Bridge Awards were established to recognize the achievements and contributions of the world’s best companies across 15 different industry sectors, ranging from information technology to corporate communications.

Our Secure Remote Access Suite HOB RD VPN, took home the gold award in the Innovations in Information Technology category for the best VPN/IPSec/SSL Innovation and the best Remote Access Solution Innovation.

HOB RD VPN is the most comprehensive solution for remote access to central enterprise data and applications. As the workplace continues to evolve beyond the in-office setting, the need for a strong and flexible IT security solution continues to be a top priority for businesses. HOB RD VPN helps companies protect their data, while giving employees the flexibility to access it without being tied down to a central location. HOB RD VPN provides various secure entry points, facilitating connectivity for multiple users including partners, customers and suppliers. Data is always encrypted, ensuring a secure and confidential information exchange.

HOB is proud to be at the forefront of IT security solutions and we are grateful for the industry recognition. For additional information on the software and services we offer, please visit our website www.hobsoft.com.

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